This is for selling/buying/trading, not for giveaways. I'll move this to Beginner Sanctuary instead. Please, be more careful in the future (if you ever come back, that is).
send me the breast and groin texture only mate as it is alot more worth in my eyes and by that i meant the joint texture as i am making a chest and breast and groin shop so it may mean alot to me
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Hit 5 Sound
Hit 4 Sound
Hit 3 Sound
Chest Texture
256x256 Head Texture
Left Bicep Texture
Left Leg Texture
Left Pec Texture
Left Thigh Texture
Left Tricep Texture
Right Bicep Texture
Right Leg Texture
Right Pec Texture
Right Thigh Texture
Right Tricep Texture
Stomach Texture
Breast Texture
Groin Texture
(just all the textures and hit sounds plz, if you can't send em to this account send to ilikepie56 he will hold em for me
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I'll take all the cheap 'worthless' items, I'm sure some new people in random servers will appreciate them more than people over here. Also, perhaps keep me updated with your art? I do like the style and would like to see more!
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