Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Hey there.
i joined on Jun23 , 2016 and my acc is 2 weeks old
so i just wanted to ask for some 1500tc :P and also a radioactive force.

Thank you so much
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Can I have 1500 TC and Toxic Relax?
It had been a while since I played before around a week ago. I went inactive when life hit.
My mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer so I was always helping her.
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Can I get vampire force i need it for style
So how do i get a profile pic?

Thank you have a nice day8 )
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You Just Go To Where Your Name Is and Click Quick Links And Then Edit Details And Then Avatar And Put The Pic You Want.Ok?
Beginner Giveaway is currently nonoperational due to lack of staff.
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Because of zenboy's post above I'll close this.

Don't worry for everybody who still needs a beginner giveaway, this thread should be back in no time.
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