Endurance Onslaught 3.0
THis is not for beginner's sanctuary, transfer to rapid threads
I don't like to quote myself, but gonna do it not to waste my time to write it once again (this thread doesn't fit in Beginner Sanctuary too) :



I'm afraid Requests board has pretty strict set of rules and doesn't directly allow this kind of threads to exist:

Requests Rules

A) Specify what you want and your budget.

B) Do not request 'no Qi' items.

Requesting Art
A) Do not use other peoples art work to demonstrate what you want, this encourages plagiarism.

B) Try to explain what you want in as much detail as you can, in both post and thread title, and always include what your budget is.

C) Descriptions:
.....I) Describe what colours you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.
.....II) Avoid words like 'cool' or 'detailed', as they don't tell the artist anything.
.....III) Words like 'rough' and 'smooth' are useful.
.....IV) Styles like 'vector' or 'painted' help a lot as well.

D) You must pay at least the originally quoted price to the winning artist(s).


That being said, this thread will be closed. Just a note that I understand that this kind of threads doesn't have specific place on any board, but it doesn't justify posting them on boards they don't belong to (Art/Market/Rapid Threads/Offtopic). If you want to make this kind of thread, please use either any forum which doesn't directly indicate what purpose should threads serve, like: ToriPrime board, VIP board, Clan boards. I understand that TP and VIP boards require you to pay for access (however, Toribash needs cash to keep their servers up, just letting you know), but Clan boards are open for everybody, and you can just "advertise" your thread by putting link to it in your signature.

Please do not post threads like this on Requests board in the future, thanks. And remember that Art/Rapid Threads/Offtopic aren't good places for them as well. Please use ToriPrime/VIP/Clan boards for threads which don't belong anywhere else.

Closing it too. Please don't create this kind of threads in Requests / Beginner Sanctuary boards, thanks.