TA Recruitment
We welcome Mack to Obey as our newest Swede!
May the diversity be with you.

PM me with any and all questions
Dude you've already been denied twice in the last 24 hours. Stop posting and wait a while.
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|B A S I C|
Yes , hi already knew I was gonna apply here it is B^) I am ready for anything that comes at me starting with. My name is Solo you may call me by my real name at any point *Alex , I am often called Zephira or Zeph,As that was my previous name I got the name change few months back, because I found my other name sorta corny and not knowing the meaning of it.Sorry if this is kinda choppy not good at sharing my life or explaining it.But I am here talking to you from New York with a GMT of -5 writing this part at the time of 12:24PM at the age of 15, that is just basic information about me.Gonna start with my time playing Toribash.Started playing Toribash in 2014 mushu kinda guy I liked the dm's starting out, that faded , began playing Aikido and eventually found youtube videos of Toribash.I found Mocucha and started sparring and trying loads if shit I started making replays. They're shit and I am still shit but I expanded vastly over last summer it was my improvement time , with a user named Tyhazel

|W H Y ~ I ~ W A N N A ~ J O I N|
So , yeah you read that trying to make this not boring to read.So let me get too my explanation.Playing Toribash with no friends is pretty boring I'm there , looking for a community that is in the same parts of Toribash as me they're very few that are active and willing to accept anyone I wanna be able to improve at Toribash like old days where I would be able to spar be able to have someone CNC while I made replays and be able to help other people as well , I lost that when I went inactive over the winter season most friends quit and went inactive as well, In Obey they're people I can Spar people who can fuck around in a lobby doing Aikido or some random ass mods. I know I am not the best or not benefiting you guys but I could help, in wars or with ever you may find me in use of tips on a replay or some help starting out , not the best at it but I can still do my best too help. I wanna experience comedic actions.I'm bored I want a reason to play Toribash again. I find it the most unique game ,but boring without the right people I believe Obey may be the right people

|A B O U T ~ M E|
Born in New York , moved to North Carolina when I was younger grew up with out a mother. Was told she left don't wanna know why. Moved to New York as my grand parents were up there. Grew up close too my cousins going to the park as the younger one playing Football on the fields of a baseball stadium yes eventually they moved on and went to college became overly bored with the point of no explaination. Then on started looking for stuff too do skip time later (found toribash , league of legends) -mini life story
|S T R E N G T H S|

I find my self to be quite good at Aikido , or I just played trash people but still I think I am good.I play some erth tk I just like the boom hits.I suppose replay making one , but I am not anywhere from being "Good"

|R E P L A Y S|

I included a replay I made just for this, as with my Aikido capability's

that concludes my application , hope you found this useful

I am gonna come here and post as a "Clan Manager" to notify you that you are under discussion, but your recent posts might not be so good for your voting parture. Still under discussion!
Yes , I know what you mean I shit posted because I had nothing to look forward too. I didn't care for my account or what happened.Hopefully Obey can change that
Solo, I am afraid you have been denied after a lengthy discussion.

It wasn't easy.
PM me with any and all questions