Im a 15 year old male Im home schooled for personal reasons and my dream is to become a Real Estate agent buy houses and flip them, my birthday is march 27th of 2004, my old clan seemed to had died out for a while and no one was doing wars so i left and decided to try and join obey now in skill im meh at toribash i have my moments were im good and or bad the mod I like most is xspar i used to spar a lot and im trying to get back into it after a big break. A little about my personality I can come off stupid repulsive and just im face palm worthy, sometimes I do go outside once in a while since a play a bit of basketball there is also some other games i play rather than toribash like Rainbow six siege, for honor (xbox edition), War thunder and rarely unturned. Activity is recent but i can get busy at times with school and other things and a couple other things my favorite food is pizza, my favorite color is red, Im an Aries in the thingy I like memes Reason to want to join Obey specifically: I've always looked up to Obey since i started the game really you guys were the god clan and im decent at the game you may like my personality though my replay skills can be good thank you for reading my application.
Hey mate best way to get in would be to either befriend people ingame or come hang out in discord. Unless members know you it's very unlikely they will vote positively on you.

Unless ur Aussie or nz ur auto accepted so I can have backup to destroy the German scum in our clan kazU
I apologise for this post.