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I made a video.
2:10 and 11.2mb. Get it here.

I was watching My Name Is Earl when I made it and was stuck without a name, so... yeah...

I did my best to get every transition smooth, but windows movie maker sucks ASS for editing, and I'm too cheap to spring for anything else so there are a few section where its a bit rough. I hope you like it.

Edit: Oh, theres no ingame sound because when I recorded it in fraps, it decided to record the music I was playing through winamp at the time as well. Sorry.
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Re: I made a video.
Awesome movie dude, I wish I could make one
don't unban, he has hard coded userid bypasses everywhere.
Re: I made a video.
It's hella easy for toribash. Download fraps (I use the unregistered version as evident by the watermark), and use it to record the autosaves. If you have windows XP, you have windows movie maker, one of the crappiest editing programs out there.