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i'd like to thank everyone
id like to thank everyone on the art board
if it wasnt for all of you and my bad grammar i would have never stumbled upon the poseray which inturn is able to turn drawings from autocad (the drafting program used at my school) into the pov ray
never had i ever thought that a game online would have any direct benefit into my real life whatsoever
and im probably acing drafting with a reccomendation into college for arcitechture
so does anyone else have a story about how toribash or this forum helped in real life
Re: i'd like to thank everyone
It stopped my from going insane with boredom.

I love the start of holidays, I hate the middle and end!
I has a flavour
Re: i'd like to thank everyone
especially if you have to go back to school
Re: i'd like to thank everyone
Toribash made use of my brain, unlike other games
don't unban, he has hard coded userid bypasses everywhere.
Re: i'd like to thank everyone
Toribash allowed me to find somewhere I pwn, and now I have my very own clan.

Plus, my clan-people will say, of their own accord: "Ph34r t3h ManBreakfast!" whenever I lay down the law.

I love it when they do that
Re: i'd like to thank everyone
toribash helped me overcome depression and adhd and anxiety while stimulating my imagination, thanks to toribash, i am no longer scuicidle (umm cant spell that) trying to kill myself (too drama-ish) harm myself and others.


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Re: i'd like to thank everyone
thank you but the poseray didnt convert my cad pics so its cinda ironic