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[SURVEY] How many people are interested in Wibbles coming back?
So right now we're in the midst of deciding whether or not we should let Wibbles come back. It's important to know how many people in the community are interested and would like it come back. If you are, then express your interest by clicking the poll option.

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@Ele: Make a poll in Suggestions and Ideas?
There's no magic number that'll make us bring it back, but knowing how many people want it back would certainly be a useful fact for any discussion about it.

suo says:
Wibbles was a board with very minimal rules enforcement. The primary rules were basically "Nothing illegal, no porn, and if we could cross our eyes and not conceive of a way that it wasn't blatant spam your post might get deleted". Essentially everything else was fair game.

At one point there was essentially a Wibbles Squad. Even if staff decides to restore Wibbles, no Wibbles-specific staff team will be reimplemented.
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Eh, fuck em. Just as many older uses that voted against it have voted for it. That plus an additional 70 users.

We should be seeing a decision on this shortly. Suo said he'd tell us in 2 days about a day ago.
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