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The ability to link people to a post and like /dislike posts
We need the ability to like and dislike posts and link people in a post, it would make forum more fun and more social media like and attract more users (for example vanilla forums is a really good platform) Heres an example of a good forum:
You can already rate threads and no one cares about that, so I doubt we really need likes and dislikes.
In other forums it serves as s way to see the most popular posts and in our current state we wouldn't need that at all to be efficient/get word around about a certain thread.
“Aaah rum zum zum aaah rum zum zum booly booly booly booly booly rum zum zum”
the like/dislike post:
there used to be something like that but got removed,
don't remember the exact reason why.

now to link people to your post,you mean like in facebook?
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Mercurit, he means link as in writing @mercurit to automatically notify them about a post (like on facebook), kind of like a tag.

I like this idea ^^, nothing bad can come of it really, supported. And like many other ideas, it's one of those that if you didn't want to be notified when you were tagged, you could disable it.