oh bring the bump bump, everything has a one year warranty so ill push them as hard as they can go.
OG of TB
A man of few words
Got a list, will post it now.
Also PM me PotMadSmokie
Pretty Lights -
Pretty Lights Vs Summertime
So Bright
Keep Em Bouncin

Tech N9ne -
Whip It
Smoke Something
I Need A Drink
In The Trunk
I Love Music
Rock Yo Head
Road Rage

Hopsin -
Break It Down
Kill Her
Bang Bang Boogie ft. SwizZz

Zion-I -
Cheeba Cheeba
Top Down
Silly Puddy

Potluck -
Hotbox Anthem
Light That Shit Up

KingSpade -
Who Run This
Always Fucked Up
We Ridin

YelaWolf -
In This World
Get The Fuck Up
Growing Up In The Gutter

Walk Backwards
Drugs, Sex, Music Baby

Brotha Lynch Hung -
Therapy Session
Taking Online Orders

U-God - Bump
E-40 - Zombie
The Grouch & Eligh - Boom
The Dirtball - Hustlin' (Remix)
Sublime - Doin' Time (Eerie Splendor Remix)
Deltron3030 - Things You Can Do
SwizZz - Crank
Funkdoobiest - Hip Hop
Dead Prez - Hip Hop
Kill The Noise - My World (Brillz Remix)
The Outlawz - New Years Ft. Tech N9ne
Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
The Lonely Island - Jack Sparrow
CunninLynguists - Hypnotized
OPM - Kali Kings Ft. Johnny Ritcher
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Eye Examination
Krizz Kaliko - Spaz
Krizz Kaliko - So High
Cypress Hill - Shots Go Off
Cypress Hill x Rusko - Roll It, Light It
Andre Nickatina - Situation Critical
Andre Nickatina - Killa Whale
Slightly Stoopid - World Goes Round
Slightly Stoopid - Running With A Gun
People Under The Stairs - Come On, Let's Get High
People Under The Stairs - Eat Street
Funkdoobiest - Dub Sacks & Blunt Wraps
Funkdoobiest - Doobie To The Head

That's it atm, I recommend Zombie, All of Potluck, So High, Float, Blur, Smoke Something and well... It's pretty much mixed n stuffs. Some are just cause I thought you would enjoy them, most are bump bump!
Let me know which you like and as I said it's mixed.. So if you don't like some does't mean you wont like others.
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Oh wow, thats a long list. I only know 30% of the names in that list.
I guess I never really got in to bad boy dopey boben music.

I just post reggae since its the only thing you bobens can relate to.

[ORMO] [OLDA] [The Team] [The JHX Experience]
Good day Dr. Freud
You would be suprised the amount of different genre music I have, I post on the last persons likes and interests.
I like any and all music.
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Unbreakable by fireflight

No NIN or Godsmack Trip? Whats up with that?

Matchbox 20
Nickleback (their older stuff)
Blink 182
Simple plan
Papa Roach
Limp Bizkit

All those guys... Am I the only one who wasn't into Dubstep/DnB/Techno/Rap/Pop/Hiphop/Boy bands?
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Read above post?

Lamb Of God
Rise Against The Machine
Slightly Stoopid
George Thorogood
The Expendables
Pink Floyd

Need moar?
Oh my, seems I've made quite the ass of myself. I hadn't seen those, but you got to admit, there has been a drop in quality in rap and pop music... that drop in quality is dubstep in and of itself.

It's all auto-tuned, i remember older rap music and the bands I've mentioned above actually being "sung" having just an artists talent. back before music was tainted by technology.

A better time I suppose... Well, im going to go get more booze. but for now goodnight all, i hope to hear your thoughts on the degradation of music
Technical Old School. - It exists.