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More secure login file
will you all know how to get a toribash user password from a computer
you only go to login.dat and open it!
it is unsecure!
so how about making it a little harder!
there is a billion way to encrypt!
ex to md5:
another examle about encrypting
Hashing Encryption:

all others:

INB4 14 days ban
I support this.
There was a time when i was downloading old versions of the game from other sites and the log in data of the one who uploaded it was still there and still accessible. Though these are responsibilities of the ones who uploaded it, it would somehow lessen the reports on hacked accounts.
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If only. Yet another thing we've bugged hampa about to no avail.

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You realize md5 is easily decrypted, don't you?

IF you are going to do this, at least use salts.
This holds a valid point. Whenever i forgot my pass i would just open that file to save time. :3
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Originally Posted by dinis
You realize md5 is easily decrypted, don't you?

IF you are going to do this, at least use salts.

i realize but
80% dont no how i know its easy
maybe someone wants to view it quick
see the login file and then relize it is encrypted then he goes
or maybe a full page of ussuless thing to make the reader get bored or get confused
and that was just an example
i know there is more secure
INB4 14 days ban
The problem remains in that the login file, no matter how it's encrypted, is equally vulnerable and valuable to theft in one manner or another.

Also, SkulFuk, when's the last time this has actually been a problem?
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supported, but this is pointless due to the fact this is for only people you live with. Or if you were hacked but id think that would be the least of your problems.
Easiest solution for that: Packing the login datas to a registry entry instead of a clear or scrambled login file.
It's not a big thing to code in and the security raises a little more.
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