Clan League 2023
Damn omega, your style is pretty golden
You have some minor little fidgets and moves that could use polishing
but overall you're pretty good.
replays overall 10/10 would like to spar again.
The Eastgrand Assassin..
god, i miss sparring with you omega

smooth but quick movements, creativity, and fluidity

you've got it, my friend
the goblin
Lol thanks for showing the support guys i really appreciate it, i haven't played tb in alike a month so RIP but i plan on getting back to it
I am so rusty it is not even funny... But anywaaay trying to get back into sparring and tb in general so cheers. Cnc is highly appreciated.C:
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Omega-Spar with Earthsun edit.rpl (524.6 KB, 32 views)
thanks for the cnc static. Here is a cool little spar that I did with Chazer. Cnc is highly appreciated
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Omega-Spar with Chazer V2.rpl (610.3 KB, 30 views)
w0w th1s thr3ad 1s 01d 2
Finally managed to finish a spar with someone since coming back . Here is a spar with Sammy that I think turned out pretty good. c:
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Omega-Spar with Sammy.rpl (1.12 MB, 7 views)
jisse_sparkour_city.tbm (17.6 KB, 5 views)
Here is a spar that I did against xmov today. Had to edit in a ko cause he decided to blow up the server.
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Omega-Spar with xMov V5 Edit.rpl (743.5 KB, 10 views)