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Need tutor for parkour
Yes i need a tutor for parkouring, ive seen videos of parkour tutorial in youtube but it doesnt seem helpful to me, what i want to learn about it? I want to learn on : how to go back on foot after jumping, i also want to know how to do the run that can work on all parkour maps, i tried the running tutorial on man on fire film's video, it does work but only for a few maps like xspar,parkour_city_b..
It doesnt work on parkour city a, so yeah if you have a run that works on both parkour city b and a i would like to be teached, and final, i would like to learn how to do various jump styles, yes ive tried alot of times in singleplayer, i cant do a long,high jump.. Well i could but it wont land me in a place i want to be in, and thats all, if youre interested to be my tutor i would be more then thankful, pm me if interested and thanks.
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I dont really think that someone could teach you all that, because parkor isn't a thing you do everytime the same way or start with the same type of running.
With that running i think the only way to work that out is to practise so long you can just start running even after you're fallen down.
But my point here was that it's just practise and theres no shortcuts. You can still ask for tips because they're always helpful and a lot easier to give than telling you exactly how to do even any of those things you asked. Or maybe there is a teacher who can do it, but i dont think its possible.
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there is no run that works on all maps. most people have their own unique custom run making them able to go where they want. then theres people like me who dont even have a run and just improvises. the art of running is a hard thing but i promise you that you will get there by training
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Hi,there isn't a really way to learn parkour. Parkour it's cool becouse you do your own tricks,you play on your own stile and you chose what to do.

But yeah this may help you. The great "Tricktionary",here you can learn some of the amazing tricks you can do with your tori and connect them each other to create your replay in parkour.
That will not give you any parkour skills - only training does - but you could try this, maybe you could find something usefull :

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

It did helped me ALOT, but im wondering if anyone have a run that works in parkour city a... I cant seem to find or make one that could work there somehow
Agus and Foobi, two biggest losers of Toribash
Whatch the video me mochucha and some other really good parkourers made together.

It's pretty much made for the purpouse of giving new people to parkour an insight of the basics. However if you do want more exact tips or even cnc on replays you can add me on skype. (Pm me and i'll name my skype)
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