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Can someone teach me the basics?
Just downloaded it today and I'm having a problem with how to play. The tutorial didn't help me much. So can someone teach me some basic moves like kicking in an easy way? Thank you in advance!

Toribash is kind of an human simulator.
Teaching you one move wont help, you have to understand how the joints work.

It is just like in real life.

The most simpel kick you can do is lift your leg up while your knee is contracted and then extend it. But it has to hit the enemy while extending it, not after it is fully extended.

That would be in toribash:

Hold all (klick c), contract right hip, contract right knee, Space 1 or 2 times, extend right knee.
Try to hit the joints with your foot (not your leg).

You get more power if you extend your left hip to push yourself forward or use your abs.
I made a replay for you, the first kick is exactly what I just described.
The rest is random splattering.
In the second replay you can see a more complicated kick ;)

Here are some other tips.

You can hold all joints or relax all joints with C.

Here is a tutorial how to edit replays:

And change the gravity in singleplayer to -30.00

if you want, tell me your steam ID and I add you
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