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How to calculate the value of an artwork?

I'm working on a texture set and basically I'm a new in this artistic category of Toribash (but I draw and paint in real life). So I was thinking to sell some sets but don't know exactly the best and fairer method to calculate the prices here on Toribash. How can I know specifically the value of my artwork?
Well probably the easiest way is for you to think how much it is worth, or you can just go to someone else's Set and see how much there selling for, if you're really good at making set's they could probably sell for around 60,000 link me the page of your set and then i'll tel you my estimated prise it's worth, but really i don't make art for toribash, so really i might not get the exact prise but i might close.
Different people have different prices and they like different things, so there is no real price apart from what the individual buyer thinks it's worth. I'd recommend also looking at other sets that have been sold previously, since that may help.
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Truee, thanks yeah I'll check out the average prices. Also my recognitions as an artist influence on the price, right? Like: New texture creator = Cheap prices
Not necessary, but usually when a very popular artist that always makes great art works tries to sell one it will sell really quickly because people get a feeling of trust that it's something good.