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Original Post
Psy is Psychic. He reads where Uke would like to be hit. --Psyfon's Replay Area--

Here you will discover:
Stylish Decaps

Now...Lets begin.

Air_Combo_Double_Kick.rpl - A lift, jump, then a splitcap/boomhit.

Air_Combo_Double_Kick_2.rpl - A lift, jump, decap, split, and boomhit. An edit of Air_Combo_1

Highjumptwirlyspinwalk.rpl -
A 600 ed jump from a 1000 ed position, a split, a boomhit on the upper chest, and an arm dm.

BoomhitMadman01 - An ordinary madman, except for the fact that Psyfon boomhits Uke's lumbar with Uke's own head.


Rate, Comment, and most important, Enjoy!

More Replays Will be posted in the future.
Attached Files
#Air_combo_double_kick.rpl (96.6 KB, 126 views)
#Air_combo_double_kick_2.rpl (96.2 KB, 77 views)
0123highjumptwirlyspinwalk.rpl (145.2 KB, 99 views)
0boomhitmadman01.rpl (104.5 KB, 104 views)
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Rawrawrawr, Ima Psy >:U
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