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I love them!
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Some are good, but some fail horrobly.
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They are okay overall.
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These suck.
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Very Good.
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*bump* Alright, here are some juiceh ones >:3

Too lazy to do a description, the title should describe it enough for you. If you liked my others, these are even better SO CLICK DAMNIT.

P.S. Stop rating in the poll only, its agrivating D: I want criticism, it doesnt even have to be constructive! A good argument every now and then is nice. Lol. But constructive would be appreciated. >.>

Btw, i have more than 10 to post, and 10 is the max limit, so please excuse a double post with more replays, you silly flamers :P
Attached Files
()Mid-Air_Chartwheel_decap.rpl (49.2 KB, 22 views)
#Epic Spinning spiltcap.rpl (80.0 KB, 10 views)
0123jumping_boomhit_twice.rpl (85.2 KB, 8 views)
0123earthpoundingmadman.rpl (139.3 KB, 10 views)
0Madman07.rpl (159.6 KB, 7 views)
0Madman08.rpl (102.0 KB, 9 views)
0flying twirly decap.rpl (71.6 KB, 7 views)
0splitcapsuccess.rpl (96.2 KB, 7 views)
0split01.rpl (134.5 KB, 8 views)
0spinnyjumpandsmash.rpl (52.7 KB, 7 views)
Rawrawrawr, Ima Psy >:U
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EDIT: Btw, who likes my banner ? I made it myself tyvm :3 Its pretty good for 5 minutes work, don't you think? :P
Attached Files
~1~187k-kick.rpl (83.2 KB, 12 views)
0madman04.rpl (139.7 KB, 9 views)
0ninja splitcap flip.rpl (85.2 KB, 11 views)
0failarmftl....rpl (87.5 KB, 10 views)
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Rawrawrawr, Ima Psy >:U
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I love your banner and i love your replays!

Very classy style! 9/10

Good Luck with the thread Psyfon! =D
I eez tiggeh. I rukx ;U
i loved ninja_splitcap_flip one of the best ive ever seen here.
ill say your style is very classy and fluid, extremely fluid.
one personal thing: the madmans are sweet, but they would be sweeter if they actually looked 'crazy'. Not quite sure how to achieve that honestly, but ive alwas found that chezda did 'crazy' very well :P
Hey thanks guys ;)

@Castra: Yhey clawn dud. :3

@Kpeng: I <3 joo too pengy. <3

@Flenser: Finally, some critisism. Yea, i see what you mean. That is because i believe chezda relaxed the most joints possible, causing them to flap about. I plan ahead, preparing my moves and such, maybe over preparing, causing it to not look as 'crazy' as wanted. Chezda is like "BOOM IN YO FACE" The second an attack is open, while im "chargin mah lazar" Thanks again. I will try to work on this.
Rawrawrawr, Ima Psy >:U
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All the replays are very nice.

I like your style man.

Its very offensive.


Keep it up!
Isnt playing Toribash anymore...