made this a long time ago with zeto , per pal's request
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Internet - Zeternet ft ZeTo.rpl (226.3 KB, 52 views)
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The opener was alright, your arms were kind of twitchy at some parts and the decap didn't seem all that dynamic. The two hits after that were alright, but where the replay really stood out was in that amazing manipulation of the torso and arms. It was like your whole style suddenly changed. The hits were fast and your movement in that part was mostly flawless. Loved the pec hit at the end and the pose.

Make more replays like the second half of this one.
Opener was nothing special. Creative as always, bit twitchy though.
The decap, knee and 2dm hits were pretty boring, just generic dms really.
The grab spin was cool. Second hit was also amazing, love the way you didn't grab.
The boomhit flowed nicely into the replay, same thing with the finishing kick and skeet. Far more dynamic and creative then a lot of your other replays.
Knee dm and pose were great, only thing I could really change is how your leg just extends at the pose.
Nice touch keeping uke's points at a solid 20k. :v
Great switch from your other replays.
Thanks dudes.

Here is a generic ass replay

EDIT: fixed something
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Internet - Lovers.rpl (338.9 KB, 53 views)
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truthfully, if you do more of this replaymaking thing that you just kinda not try and have fun with it, you will get better with a rather interesting style. So actually keep making replays and stuff.

your manip replays are your best because you do the manips