Nice really nice swexx, in my opinion around the frame 1000-900 you should tried to do a judo move i see that you were far from uke but i know you can get closer, and ik that would take a lot of work but i think that isn't a big problem, idk if it was a kind of block but it would be nice, and the ko made by uke in my opinion was good but you should tried to ko with swexx, in my opinion uke's last punch wasn't so strong ok it get your pecs you should tried to lost your breath for second giving time to uke make a great punch or u ko uke, btw the spar was awesome the blocks were amazing kick and punches for me it's a 9,4/10

keep that work and use the creative you used and u always had ^^

the simulation of the talk was pretty good, this things that i said that could happen isn't so bad, something that u can do and you know that. the way u stand up was very nice and real.
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i loved the part where you ducked under uke at 400 and the selfdamage boom. you could've made the last hit a boom if you hadnt kicked with your shin :c

Awesome replay.
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The very best part was when both you and Uke spinned magestically at the same time, and the double dm on the same frame.
The rest was top notch as well, but the pose was a bit too relaxed for me. Still, crazy replay as usual, great job.
oh yeah
lovely opener I really like the spins.

like pusga said, the elbow and knee dm was pretty awesome.

kick could have been better angled, and a bit cleaner, but its kay.

sweet dms, and I liked the use of self damage.

pose was alright, but still great job! I love your style btw
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