Hey guys, I finally finished that head I was working on, here it is, i hope you enjoy!
CnC is always welcome

Teaching Feeling Girl

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i love your heads and this looks great as always


Haha thanks for the cnc chab, I really appreciate my dude, and yeah I felt the same way about the mouth, but I just tried to replicate the one on the image. I feel like if I tried to modify it my own way it would look better.

Anyway bros, I have been working on some stuff lately, but I was too lazy to post D:.
But here I am again, cnc is always welcome buddies <3

Sucy's head

The Remake of the remake (?)

And here it comes another one!11!

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Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
Hey.. it's been a while.
Sorry for my inactivity, but since that last ban I kinda lost motivation, but well, I'm slowly coming back, hopefully!
Recently I did these 2 heads, hope you guys like it, cnc is always welcome! <3



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Just gonna bump this thread real quick

I like both of the heads. You did a nice touch with the hair on Saku-chan, you should definitely stick with the art you're doing at the moment. (:

Also, is there any references on the head textures you're doing or is it your own imagination that make you do the heads?
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Thanks for the bump and for the cnc, it means alot, and yeah, I'll be sticking with that style for now, I'll just fix some things and try to add some more details.
The saku and ryuu chan was just my own imagination, but I always post the reference pics whenever I use them.
Also it's been a while since my last upload, I'm not feeling very motivated to keep posting here, cause people won't comment anyways..
Many thanks for your comment again, Mira. I really appreciate fam~
But well.. here I am again... I guess.

Membrain's request


Himiko Toga WIP

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Another wipppppp

Himiko Toga WIP 2

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Took me a while, but hey. Better late than never.

Himiko Toga

Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
I really like the hair, the shadow fits perfectly, in my opinion. The only thing that i'm not satisfied is the expression of the face. But eyes looks gorgeous and the mouth is somewhat tasty xd But overall, it's a nice head. You're getting better with making realistic hair! ;)
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