Head Texture of the Month: Cube Head
approaching 14 years, doubt i’ll ever truly be able to leave this community. pretty much grew up here
event squad - event artist
need help? pm me.
village idiot
Outside of nostalgia, I like toribash as a concept. Always have. It's allows for creative replay making (I'm no replay snob but leggang is amazing). It has good moderation and overall I hope for the best. Toribash was always a neat little community.
tb is pretty cool.

after playing the game for so long you can almost tell who is controlling a tori based on their movements alone.

ive been playing for 8 years and i probably shouldve spent that time on something thats more useful in real life… oh well…

at least i can do a sick triple backflip into a corkscrew.
I feel like my life wouldn't be in as much of shambles as it is now, if I never played this game. With that being said, truly something I enjoyed playing. Made me feel like I was kinda good at something
Definitely not Nine <3