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Pii Racer
I polished up a game we did for one of the weekend code jams we did on the forum.

It is mad drifting, arrow keys to control, +- to zoom camera in and out.

New level:

If you want any improvements or find any bugs, please post in the thread.

There is a 100k bounty on beating Sharickkou 659 score on level 63:
hahaha, wow that's fun even though i suck it's still a great game.
tell you what game i love.... macewindu

best score i got on level 63 was 759, but hey at least i can finish that level
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Yeah, that's the most crazy racing game i've ever seen xD
And for me it seems a little hard even to finish :o
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Took me an hour to beat solax T_T

4th place will do for now. doh.
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