How dare you insult the might fossil, no one questions it's answer.
Other than BONDarenko of course.
Also hi ishi, how did you find toribash and how did you get power?
Edit: By power I mean when you first became a Gm n' shit.
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i am the best in toribash
Hi ishi!

Where did the name ishi come from?
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Ishi, you also bring me to orgasm. Appreciate it.
If you head over to my house, you'll be (Mg,Fe)7Si8O22(OH)2
what do you think was the most notable/important thing you've done/been a major part of since you joined the Toribash community?
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relieve my heart of malice
I'm almost certain there's a "who is who: ishi" that could answer like half of these questions.

Ishi, did you know your a god?
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.