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66key: I don't like the classic glute spread opener, but it tends to work for most people. First kick wasn't bad, but I didn't like how it only got a hip. I really liked the second kick where you spun around for the decap. You should work on your transition to the pose.

Necropolis: I liked the weird opener. Looked pretty cool and creative. I like how the kick picked him up a bit, I think you should have went for a real manipulation rather than just hitting him a few times. The kicks were great. Smooth and fast. Nice pose, well done.
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Time for some proper CnC

To begin with, that opener was nice, the kick that followed was really well placed. The jump after felt a bit odd, I think you should have spun more. The corkscrew that came after was smooth, but you contracted your wrist (why did you do that lol). Everything else that came after was great, until you came into a position for a headspin. Overall, it's a few nanometers under a Marrez-tier tricking replay (meaning it was damn fucking awesome)
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