Christmas Lottery 2021
I can't believe the other day you told me I was good.

Damn, man you're amazing.
Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate <3
some fun with tripstone
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Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
really sad that this is so unfinished.
there some really awesome moves and highspeed rotations. thats nice to watch.

i just wish one of you would have been punched at the end.
not because this funreplay has to be a spar
but bc i like to see when you or tripstone are getting punched.
evil Führer of Evil
yeah that sucks man.
this spar looked awesome.
lets spar again soon.
(btw you looked waaay sicker than me)

Spar with alastor was sick af too.
that kick you got off that sent him
back a bit was really cool looking.
k.o. i wish would have been better tho
>.> oh well u did awesome
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~Smoke Weed
Thanks for the comment shikk, it means a lot !


what is life

i hope obazu doesnt mind me posting his mod
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Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
I loved your new replay good stuff. What I would say is your neck looked floppy when you
contracted and extended it. Other than that the only other critique would be to land
that cork but that's pretty much it. It was an amazing replay hope to see more like this
from you :^)
Thanks for the comment Lost, I really appreciate
Oh boi been a while.
Did a smol spar with my dude poop <3
Its my first spar in 3 months.. I feel refreshed B)
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Sparin pop.rpl (523.3 KB, 23 views)
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Never inactive, just slow sometimes.