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Evaq SP rpls
A snapu, kinda like my second one so dont roast me but gimme cnc
Here a raiz to a double leg and shit its aight I guess
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Pk Shit Havent parkoured in a while hmu with cnc
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when money gives you mom

alright, cnc time.

interesting take on tricking, i like it. it's pretty simple since you only have your legs to work with, but it's a cool replay.
the starting opener you use to make your legs move was weird to me, i wasn't a fan of it, but it was understandable and gave you the momentum needed to start tricking.

at 1945, you land almost on your toes, making it very hard for you to get into that next trick, and gave it a little bit of an awkward feel to it. again, understandable as you're working with only your legs here.

at 995, you lost the momentum you had gained and it just looked really bad the way you tried to gain the momentum back. please fix this, it's the only part of the replay that really made me cringe, aside from the fact that after your ( backflip?) after the landing. the last little bit just wasnt up to your standard man.

at 630 was when you picked back up and after this point, it looked really smooth and really good, i'm pretty impressed you pulled any of this stuff off. although the ending pose was... less than desirable. gj man! i look forward to more stuff from you
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haha its nice to see that my replay inspired you
nice replay.
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More rppls
her u go

a snapu corrected from my old one cuz old one was shit
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