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ayy im... adequate
judge my replays. give me some tips n' whatever

the opener to "heckmelot" is from Numbers' Born of Osiris.
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some more
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You're getting better overtime in my opinion.
try being more fluid with your movements.

Thanks m8!
I've got a couple more replays. Just some I did while messing around with Zwar.
Wasn't exactly trying to make some cool replay, just some fun.
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got a couple more.
"splendid" imo is the best one ive done so far
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christ and splendid
first of all get used to holding your neck
the thing that i noticed is that u rush ur dms, u could take your time and set up like a manip or better momentum for better hits, u had quite a few chances for better hits but meh, don't worry tho you'll figure it out soon
also pose pls just make an effort to make urself look cool after doing cool things
This was my first attempt at a manip of any kind, the decap at the end could be setup better with more frames so it's a bit of a wip still
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