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this clan is full of unfriendly people, especially that numbers guy it's always guitar this and spiny poses that. He once spent two days straight working on a pose going "is this good to you" and it didn't matter what you said because he'd just keep on doing it anyways. There's a movie night in the discord but its not like he's seen anything worthwhile so what would he even know. Also I heard he hacks in his manip replays so that uke wont dm too, the guy's a bad apple I'm telling you.

Numbers also tried stealing a Jaker replay recently and claimed he was collabing.. If he ever gets Legend for replaymaking I will be upset. So in other words he will never get Legend status because he can only do singleplayer...
You guys these are the replays I applied to fucking Urban with in 2009 lmfao
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Urban application 1.rpl (102.2 KB, 21 views)
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Urban application 1
Hold that neck! The twitchy indecisiveness of deciding a pose position following an abysmal kick is already an eyesore - the addition of a floppy head just makes this unbearable to watch. More on that kick: it had some good pace...if only it could be placed properly to maximize dm's. 1/10.

Urban application 2
You showed some growth in this replay. The dm's were more methodical and thought-out albeit lacking any truly impactful destruction. 5/10. You're getting there. It's a marathon, not a sprint.