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Jaker's Party 2.0
please dont expect any over the top replays.iam gettin old and dont have time to spend 3 hours on a few frames like i did back in 2011-13
there will be alot more casual stuff in here.
there will be some free openers for you to use - because making them is the most fun part for me.
alot of collabs aswell
here something i did not to long ago
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jaker_hello_world.rpl (255.3 KB, 43 views)
So it's a "Welcome back" with your replays on the forums then? ;)

Really dig the torso on your leg, could see a fun replay infront of me while having the torso on the leg and doing some spins.

The opener really reminds me of the old replay style somehow, which I like alot.

Super sweet smooth motions and nice boomhit!
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