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Toribash appreciation post
I have a special place in my heart for Toribash, this is the game that I grew up on. I remember watching Nerdcubed youtube videos wishing I could get my pc to work so I could play Toribash 9 years ago. I was 9 years old...Now i'm 18. I just can't wrap my head how long ago that was and how I continuously played Toribash with the same community all this time. The nostalgia hit me hard on this one
Up for rent
I remember getting my first decap in a multiplayer lobby, I Felt like god amongst men. This game is lovely sometimes, Emphasis on the sometimes.
Shut up.
facts bro, i was 11 when i started playing, 21 now. that's actually fucking insane. TB will always have a special place in my heart.
started in 2008, but during 2009-2015 I was mostly interested into the marketing. It was fun and made me appreciate each $ I make. Now I work as a programmer
i found the game in the exact same way, nothing really compares to the crusty uniqueness this game has
Started this game when back in middle school on my mini HP laptop. Now I'm building PCs for my channel and working as a real estate photographer/videographer.
Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango...
Toribash was such a good creative outlet for me (through replaymaking and video editing) while I was in school and really unable to do anything useful there. I did a moving image project at university recently and they were like "why do you know after effects so well" lmao, got really good grades. Studying commercial photography now and have already done some work.

Also replaymaking will never not be relaxing and stress relieving for me, you'll see me post every once in a while even when there's like 5 active members left or something
toe launch daddy
i started learning graphic designing/digital illustrating from Toribash thru texture making with Paint and GIMP on 2011, now that i do full time freelance graphic design and illustrating also am majoring in design, though i think its still pretty mediocre.

i wouldn't know what im doing now if i dont do texture back in the days.
i pretty much grew up on tb and i dont think ill ever fully quit, even with my long ass breaks. i always look back on my tb era as one of my happiest times in my life, take me back to the old days </3
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