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uhh can we make clan when we have less tc?
well i have a problem.....I wanna make a clan named Indians and i only have 2k tc and I dont have many friends who can donate some tc can i make a clan?


thx for reading and who helped to them also thank u guys very much
You can make a clan, but it won't be official until you get 50 000 TC and PM an application to Delaid/Lightningkid.
You can make the clan, but I don't think you can afford to put in in the clan DSC forum, it costs 50k.

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[19:39] <Birdflu> I'm just sad that I can't give myself one
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'd have a great time
arent any other ways we can make a clan and can u tell how much time they give us to collect the "tc"..?
That's the only way you make a clan. And you don't have set amount of time to collect the tc, you just make it yourself.
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'm just sad that I can't give myself one
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'd have a great time
Uhh... You form a clan by putting a clan tag to your name.
Why there should be an other way to make one? :X
Or maybe I just didn't get your first question.

You can be unofficial forever if you want to.
Becoming official is just an optional choice. So is a private forum after 6 months.
You could make your clan forum yourself.

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I'm sorry, but I'm already in a clan.
And about guiding, well... I don't know, the stickies of the Clan Discussion forum will give you pretty much every information you need...
And, of course, when recruiting new members, use your head.

Here's a link to iLLepidus' iBot.
To get people to join all you have to do is ask them, though if people don't want to then don't persist. To be official, you need the 50k tc and at least 6 members.
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'm just sad that I can't give myself one
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'd have a great time
thx for ur advice guys and thx for the link now i have no confusion ;)
any promo bots links??