Well you see, I did update this for Kyou-kun like a year ago. I offered to do it, and PM him the results after getting all of the information and order.
Then he never put it up.
I'm willing to do it again if someones willing to put it up this time
oh snap. whar be dem mods

Vox sucks
[10:14]<siku> magnificent sparkling vampire
[10:14]<siku> i love you edward

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I fucking updated it for you kyou-kun, and this time I didn't PM you it, because you were too lazy to update it 2 years ago too. Now everyone will know whether you update the first post or not.
Someone at least just C/P this to the first post. It literally took me 5 minutes to get all the information. You must be real lazy kyou.
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I think I beat rafufu for watched, but I'm still not on the charts for hours -_-;
<Faint> the rules have been stated quite clearly 3 times now from high staff
I fixed it.

I didn't see your thing on the member list, sorry about that gorman

and i didn't see it because you're not on the member list