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Hi guys, apparently i am a legend now. I am surprised, but nonetheless happy that people think my "contributions" are worthy of the piss name. Many thanks for the kind words and support i've had during my stay in this community.

So who am i:

About me toribash

Toribash influences

about me real life


fruit power rankings

You can use this thread to ask me anything you want. You guys can also set up a replay related topic and we can all talk about it if you want, i don't have a very important purpose for this thread. Conversations are welcome and encouraged.
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oh yeah
how do i get boom hits as sexy as yours

ive never gotten more than 3 dms with one hit rip ripo

OH and do you prefer red grapes or green grapes

red grapes rock imo!
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Congratulations on becoming a legend, it was a surprise to noone except you.
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Grats dude and yeah no body was surprised lol. It was well deserved and should have happened a long ass time ago.

Also we should talk more in irc

I'm the best because i commented on ur replays the most. Ive been slacking lately but ill get my shit together

congrats, ur a cool dude and ur booms are nutty
I disagree with your fruit tier list. Everything in God Tier is Average AT BEST. Please fix this and get a better taste of fruit.

Also grats. 10 dm boom when?
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Low Tier

fuck off

Also congrats dude, you deserve it.
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why isnt banana in god tier

gz on legend
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