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Hello I'm new...Or am I?
Hey hey hey!

I'm Scorch11 as you can read, except if you're illiterate, in which case you can't read this sentence anyway.

I'm not an actual new comer, in fact I played toribash 6 or 7 years ago, I don't really remember.
I made a new account because I totally suck now, so starting fresh and new in the begginers servers was needed....and I don't actually remember my old accounts name or password anyway, which is sad.

I love videogames in general and a lot of franchises.
I recently played Neverwinter, all 3 Dragon Ages game, The Walking Dead s1&2 and Wolf Among Us.

I'll try not to leave this time and well, that's all.

See ya.
Welcome, welcome! I hope you have fun here at this game and community )
✦RIP -zzzkie, I'll miss you 2012-2015 #neverforget.✦
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