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ES Mod Team is Recruiting!

Excited about mods, and want to focus that into benefiting the community and/or interested in learning more, and want to apply your new knowledge to events? Consider joining the Event Squad Mod Team!

What is Mod Team?

Mod Team is the ES' team of some of the best modmakers in Toribash. Mod Team's role is to make awesome mods for events such as Opener Challenge - Space, Brotherhood Trials, and many more; to provide new mods for ingame hosting; and to push forward Toribash's mod scene in general.

Why join?

Besides getting super cool mod prompts and opportunities to work on events, as Mod Team you have the chance to work closely with ES on events, write and develop your own events, and claim rewards for the work you do behind-the-scenes: forum profile customization options, colour packs, 3D items, hairs, ST and more!

What are we looking for?

First and formost, we're looking for people who are passionate about modding! We'll also be looking at your modding skill and your activity. If you're willing and eager to learn, we're willing to teach you!

Like with any other staff position, you need to be able to work well with a team and be a relatively trustworthy user.

Great, how do I apply?

You can Private Message any free-form application to the mod team lead: Pouffy, or either of the ES leads: Reta, Tinerr. Make sure to include any relevant experience; and anything else of your choosing (why you want to join, what else you can offer, etc.).

If you haven't written a staff application before, consider reading Dargon's "How to apply for a staff position 101!"

Application deadline is 3 weeks from this post ( July 20th ).

Don't post your application in this thread.
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i dont know how to mod but this is awesome. probs dont expect me to apply cus i cant really mod so yeah buit that is really cool
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Congratulations to both of you, happy to see what you guys can bring to the ES team. (:
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