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Public/Ranking Mods Poll
We're now conducting a (semi-regular) poll on mod choices for public and ranked rooms!

You can find the Google Form here!
you do not have to be signed into a google account, and your emails are not recorded

Feel free to leave any feedback here, along with suggestions that are not covered by the poll. All of your suggestions will be used to improve public rooms, and TB staff appreciates your participation!
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We've spent some time looking at the results, and I have some data for you

First, the responses per day over time! You can see where I first posted it in staff chats the day before public release, the forum release, and when a link was added ingame.

The total number of responses was around 400, and some amount of filtering gives us AT LEAST 325 verified responses.

Here we have the room type preferences of respondents. A few important points of note is that autotournies, quick rooms, and regular public rooms are widely preferred. We'll be using this information moving forward as we cycle and trim current rooms. QI restricted rooms are also widely either a.) unpopular, or b.) mistaken for something else by respondents. There's been an effort over time to trim dead intermediate and beginner rooms, and we'll be continuing those efforts while trying to maintain a space for beginner players. It's also important to take note that those who like matchmaking and ranked make up a minority of respondents, so the results of the other questions won't be indicative of what those players prefer.

What that functionally means is the results for the TK question won't necessarily dictate the final decision on the presence of TK in ranked rotations. You can see the results of that here.

You can see that there's a huge number of respondents that indicated that they like some TK variants, and that there's a roughly equal number of responses indicating like and dislike of TK variants.

At the beginning of the poll, where there were only links to the poll on the forums, the results were far more skewed to dislike. You can also see that the number of people who actually chose TK and ErthTK on the mod preferences part of the questionnaire number less than 1/6-1/4 of respondents, despite the mostly positive response on this question.

This is mostly due to people 1.) trying to be moderate and 2.) not understanding what tk mods are?

The followup question was generally unhelpful.

Here's the data for mod preferences.

and here are separate graphs for public and ranked choices

Based on data, there will be followup efforts to get the preferences of players who actively participate in the ranked seasons. I have recommended an alternate ranking rotation.

For public rooms, we'll be focusing more on the popular mods shown here, as well as using our data of room activity from the last few months. I'll post more updates here later when we finally make those changes.

Based on the results of this question, we'll be implementing environments in public rooms.

You can expect to see real changes closer to Christmas, and I'll be teasing features and opening things up for testing sooner than that.

We also got many useful suggestions from this poll, many of which I've elevated to devs, and a couple of which I've gotten confirmation of work/planning being accomplished on. As those become closer to implementation, we can announce a list of changes.

Overall, I'd say the poll was a huge success, and I definitely plan on conducting more of these in the future, as well as find more ways of collecting data. I'd like to express a huge thank you to everyone who participated.

I still have a bunch of fine finishing and wall repair to do this weekend and a lot of painting to do next weekend which are going to keep me very busy, so a lot of these changes might take some time to be implemented and fully fleshed out -- I'd appreciate your patience while this process is followed through
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If there are more polls like this in the future, would it be possible to make a community announcement on Steam? I don't check the forums regularly, so I only just saw this, and I would have seen it much sooner if it was announced on Steam, and I think there are quite a few other Steam players who didn't vote and would have if they had seen it.