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Item Forgers News!

Toribash presents...

(Item Forgers)

The Team.

Founder of the Item Forgers.
Head coder.
Icon maker.
Reta & Tinerr
Item Forger coder.
Idea man.
3D Artist
Banner maker/artist.
Texture Artist
3D Artist
Texture Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
What we do, and plan to do.

Our primary and only goal is to bring you, the toribashians new and exciting items to trick out your tori, or even power them up...
What lies in wait for you from the Forgers is and will always be a mystery, but we promise to make you happy with every release!



All items under hints are not set in stone, and may not even be made. We will not reveal information or answer questions about the items either.


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It's not. Standard Item Release
Chains were accidentally out of stock, they're available again now
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This was suggested a while back but I'll repost in-case it was lost

Hello Item Forgers.
I would like to suggest 2 new colors for the game. I've realized that almost every standard color in the game has a darker version, like orc/hunter, yellow/olive/old gold, red/cobra/magma/shaman and etc. However, I've noticed that there isn't any dark blue that is darker than the ones we already have. Due to that, I've been messing around with RGB and found a darker blue, named as "Dusk", because I had no idea how it would be called. I hope the color is acceptable.
Midnight is very close to void, but extremely discernable in-game.

Meet "Dusk" and "Midnight"

Edit: forgot to add Hex code:
Dusk - #00002D
Midnight - #000011

Files ready for /lp in-game:
Dusk -
Midnight -

Dusk Comp.

Dusk In-game (medium)

Dusk In-game (maximum)

Midnight Comp.

Midnight In-game (medium)

Midnight In-game (maximum)

Triple Comp.

I am evil.
i don't see why we need midnight but i like dusk, think dusk should be implemented
pm me your questions or applications

send me pics of japanese girls
Out now! A Luxurious Cigar.

On the torishop!

Buy now for 20k tc or 4st.

The Casa de Tori - Anniversario will be the best smoke you've ever had!

Side note: this is a neck item, so you can wear most hats with it! But it might not look great with every hat.
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Bo Staff is now available!

Get Bo Staff in Torishop now:

Ok now that's neat great job Headles I don't know you but that, it is a great first impression. Not something too flashy, just some great stuff.
Was zurük bleibt it’s erinnerung
Make this girl LMod