The thing about you Shikk, that i absolutely addore. Is that you keep your style from replay to replay, whatever the replay's category is. And that is hugely immpressive. But i wished you'd let loose and do more crasy shit instead of doing the same punch,kicks and spin move combos i've seen you do for a year or two now. But that's my only complaint, or more a wish i guess. Let loose!

Good shit overall otherwise, wish i'd be that consistent.

Thanks so much for the CnC xioi, and everybody else. really appreciate the sincerity
in that statement and have been being told similar things.
So lately ive been kinda doing some new, different, sporadic,
possibly stupid but very fun all out sparring !!!


Thank you everybody for the time u took looking at my replays,
please keep coming back cuz theres always new stuff

like this! Please give all the cnc u feel needed.

(spar with Nolxve is edited KO from frame 610 due to incompletion)

The Spar with r0i is just awesome,
he's so cool. :>
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S~Comp!~NoLxve.rpl (540.4 KB, 5 views)
S~Spar Jericho v5.rpl (629.4 KB, 10 views)
S~Spar Kurokaen.rpl (563.9 KB, 7 views)
S~Spar r0i v4 ~ AntiGravity.rpl (1.03 MB, 16 views)
jisse_sparring_glacier.tbm (16.5 KB, 9 views)
~Smoke Weed
So here's a pk with bigspork, tried some random stuff,
like 360 spin at the start
jump and tried for a double cork, not sure
if its passable but eh, the replay could be better
on my part but nevertheless let me know what u

Spar with Gutan and Zubin as well, fun fun.
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jisse_parkour_shit.tbm (6.3 KB, 6 views)
blu_bridge_battle_v1.tbm (24.6 KB, 6 views)
S~Spar GutanBR.rpl (624.6 KB, 8 views)
S~Spar zubin.rpl (589.1 KB, 12 views)
S~pk~Bigspork.rpl (1.47 MB, 8 views)
~Smoke Weed
Holy Cnc
S-Comp!- POOP- Light up the sky!:
Opener is kinda funny with the ridiculous Split in mid air, pretty flowy but right leg is snappily contracted. Landing into horse stance, to me it took literally maybe the 10-20 frames too long to get into the spin kick, other than that the kick in itself is coolio, little rough movement at the impact but you made a nice little scoot backwards to make it work (I like the /em use :P). Into another spinning kick thing that looked flowy all in all, after that you went for another kick that looked like you just stiffed up and didn't move for a little that looked really stiff and bland, wich then went back down again into another kick, into a really cool capoeira look-alike move. Punch into spin looking good aswell, all around movement is really crisp and aggressive. And the double spin into the next kick was really cool, reminds me of swexx's toe spins. Then the ending part looks kinda rushed and really stiff, but all around a cool k.o. Well made spar, good coms, good shit.

Opener is standard stuff, into a cool toe jump wich made a p cool karate looking kick move. Some smooth walk/dodge esc moves after that looked really smooth. More and more spins with steps that look super flowy and well made, into punch that looked powerfull. Then you fell on your back wich looked like a try on a dive roll but got into a cool scoot up that you got a punch out off, really cool move. Loving the next few attacks that are super aggressive and you're really into his face. Then to the nuthug setup into the k.o, loved the head bob uppwards just before, made it look like you said something aline of "yeah you're fucked". Cool k.o, great spar all in all, loving the aggressive output.

S-Spar Jericho v5
Not liking the opener this time, looking verry verry bland and noobish with the setups and spins, kick over jericho looked cool though. Then you heat up more and land into a cool lookin spin kick, reacting super well with jericho's attack into a back step thing and then start what i'd like to be a whail of punches but is just one, then you just freeze for a bit and change your move up. Then some cool spin moves, really flowy looking moves might i add. Then the tripp that is coolio, only thing is that it's super stiff after the initial blow in midair. Then super good reaction to the next kick afterwards. Same with the punch reaction as the k.o, Looks really cool, only thing is that with alot of k.os that i don't like, where one tori leans in and just says "punch me" essentially, without doing anything. Otherwise really cool k.o. Really liked this one after it heated up a little from the start. Little less aggressive and more passive to work with your co-sparrer, good shit.

S-Spar Kurokaen
Very slow start with some tricking looking moves, moving up to the punch where it finaly gets some action, some nice punching, also liking the midair steps with punches, looks really ninja gaiden esc. Cool punching/dodging/blocking coming up with more and more punches, then a good stop into a spin kick. Then some very bent running into some sorta jump kick that is super stretched out to make the k.o, cool spar overall. Just a little too slow from your normal type.

S-Spar r0i v4 - AntiGravity
Really liking the use of tha backwall into the spin into a roll. Creative, then the jump forward going to far but you turn around not looking too twitchy.
Again like the idea of going low and using the boxes to spring of them into a kick and then blocking and punching, just gonna summarise the punch/blok segment with that it's super cool looking. Then you turn away and jump towards the side wall and kick the ball, honestly hillarious. Love it, and even better that it hits R0i straight in the face. Then the upcoming superman punch of the wall. Honestly might be the coolest k.o i've seen in a while, only thing that it's sorta stiff throughout. Really well made spar, really good teamwork aswell to make the cool shit you both made.

S-Spar GutanBR
Some akward start thing with some spinning. Just standard really, but really liked the jump drop kick. Then you landed and got up hyper fast into a kick, looked super sweet. Nice addition to block away his foot, then into a spin to go low into a cork setup that you use to make a 360 kick sortof, really cool looking and good combination of moves. Some cool jump into a punch and moving around alot.Jump into another punch and then a double spin move that looked cool, then you get low and setup for the k.o and i thought it'd just be a standard jump forward into a kick/punch, but love the smoothness of the 360 spin into a wellplace kick, cool transtion into the pose aswell.

S-Spar Zubin
Smooth running start into a spin that use use to move up on the ledge, super cool move. Then also using it to smoothly move over and kick aswell,Landing into a spin move to then transition into another kick wich caught you off balance, but then you used the ledge to recover the balance in a really smart way. Gainer setup into just steping backflip esc move to go backwards spinning around to then scoot/sweep down low towards the ground and spinning to kick k.o, only negative thing i have about the k.o is how weak the kick is, might want to edit it so it looks better, since it'd be a dapper as fuck k.o. Cool af spar, really cool moves and good use of the ledges.

Bland esc running but into cool jump of the edge into a really stiff spin, good recovery on landing into run. Nice setup to go low on the side to sweep over the red obstacle into a cork setup. Really smooth and crisp looking cork aswell, Like the landing, verry good use of the enviroment to not fall down,
after that i wished you'd just go into a run or somtheing instead of loosing balance and just spinning around, good recovery to move towards the wall and spin jump off it, like the straight leg effect aswell. Nice landing into spining jump that goes straight over the next obstacle, good use of your arms to go super straight and just float over the obstacle. Good roll into a run and a cool looking jump over the gap, nice addition to sit on the box as an ending. Good parkour overall, try to not make too much un needed movement and keep it simple in a way, but still making cool shit.

Loving the way that you've moved to being more aggressive, and really loving to have seen your progress from being essentially a nobody into a sparrer i can safely say does 10x better shit than i ever have and will do.
Good shit Shikk, keep it up
Last edited by Xioi; Jan 11, 2018 at 04:01 AM.

Thank you so much for all this cnc xioi, its great to have
someone as great at tb as you giving me an opinion so i can
try to improve more. so thank you and i'm gonna try to work on
a less dull, more consistant type of style hopefully with alot of variety
in moves. in the mean time here is a couple more sparring replays
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S~Spar chaz v13.rpl (666.0 KB, 10 views)
S~Spar aadame.rpl (653.2 KB, 10 views)
~Smoke Weed
With all this cnc in mind,
heres a replay i made where I
really tried to keep the consistancy,
and people have been telling me my punches
look a bit soft, so I focused on the look of my
punches alot. at the same time I tried to keep a
constant variety of moves. I think I can do better
but this spar was really fun to make anyways.
thanks for the fun time meija c:
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S~Spar Meija ~!Adrenaline.rpl (1.01 MB, 11 views)
jisse_sparring_mountain.tbm (16.0 KB, 7 views)
~Smoke Weed
I actually enjoyed the replay there's something that u did 2 times, well, it's my opinion, but u kicked with ur toe the wall to get a jump and after that u've done it again to do ur spinning punch, i don't think it's so realistic kicking the floor or the wall with ur toe, i used to do that, but i started to think about and i try to not do that, sometimes it's necessary, but that's not a real problem, i think ur 306 punch was pretty cool, after that u done some cool spins (the kick was really cool) nothing really special, but still cool, after that u done some basic punchs and then again, u kicked the wall with ur toe again, but this time was a bit better, due to the fact that it was probably ur only option and looked more realistic, i also really enjoyed the kick after that, the dodge u made was really good, i really njoyed it, srsly, it was really cool and well executed, the punches after that was really good, and the spinning kick to ko meija was really good, gg man. 7.5/10 i'd say. I also really like ur agressive style, it makes the spar much better to watch.
RSO Teacher