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oh hai there ^.^
Hello guys I've been playing toribash for quite a while so hi! my name is gamingbro1 (if you bother to ask, my real name is carley) I was introduced to toribash by my best friend (who is a guy obviously) and he told me to use his "other account" (which is this one) so I can play with him, I was confused how the game works but after some time I'm used to it now ^.^ so I played this game instead of checking my notifications XD so I asked him if I can use his account, he said yes and I changed my password so I don't wanted him to goof around on my account. XD so I'm now here, introducing myself right now, and also, hi^.^ nice to meet you.
hello :>
you are not a girl i personally know you and i know that girl in your pic its just taken from google images HA!

Welcome to toribash!

If you need any help, PM me.

There can barely be any females. Most of them just lie to get all that gross attention.

I'm not joining the argument.

And stahp it.
First things first, Welcome to Toribash, Violence Perfected.
Secondly, if you need help, *PM Erth (he loves it).
Lastly, if you get *scammed, report it to a GM e.g (Erth, Tarlan, Siku, Firebolty, Tonakai...)

PM is private message
TC = Toricredits / Real money / Items
Simple Doesn't Mean Its Easy