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Sir Hampa will make you Toribash more real life like the joint more real life
will you add muscles?

I would not play this game if that was immplumented.

Annywho. What's your further plans on Toribash?
Showcases of stuff everywhere on the forums would be neat to see.

But annywho. Plans plans plans :P

Also i addore you for making this addictive as shit game.

What does Toribash use for source control?

What does your .vimrc file look like?
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Hey, do you plan a Major update? something to Shake a bit the community? you should take a look at the suggestion thread, someone, for example, purpose different type of mod who could refresh the gameplay.
All my respect.
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When will you start adding new sounds, joints, relaxes?
I'm a skilled wushu ,lenshung3 and rk-mma player
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What does Toribash use for source control?

What does your .vimrc file look like?

we use git.

syntax on
let c_space_errors = 1
au Bufread,BufNewFile *.as set filetype=actionscript
set nocp
filetype plugin on

let s:clang_library_path='/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/lib'
if isdirectory(s:clang_library_path)
	let g:clang_library_path=s:clang_library_path

set tags=./tags;/

set foldmethod=syntax
set foldlevel=0
set foldclose=all
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I dont know if the answer is already mentioned in another thread before,

Will we(non steam player) will be able to play toribash without steam if toribash will be realesed on steam?

yes, there will still be a non-steam version.
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Make A dick joint

You would like to play with your dick, wouldnt you.

I was thinking today: If the game/community somehow lasts like 40 more years, there will be a "new era". You know, new forum leaders, somebody will maybe even replace you. My question is, do you think it will last so long? And if yes, do you think the "new era" will happen?
@Hampa: There is a lot of rules in toribash, would you add cyber bulling to the list hampa, cause people has been upset, cause people get made fun of for something that looks bad, who did something run? What do you think about this sir?