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Belts (Wearable items)
So, as you know, the Karate belt system, for most of the belts anyways, is implemented into the game such as, White belt, Yellow belt, Orange belt, ect. The interesting thing that came into my mind, is why are our Toris' themselves not wearing the belt prescribed to them? It would be amazingly cool, excuse my lack of words to use for that, to have belts in-game, that go around your Toris' waist. For example, you are able to have a white belt, as default, when you create your Tori, you are able to deactivate and reactivate it on the forums and such, and once you become, say the next belt, the White belt is no longer wearable, and orange belt is purchaseable in the shop, market. When you reach custom belt, aka, 20k QI, you could be able to edit the belt as you please, designs, colors, ect. Prices on such items, I cannot currently provide, considering I'm not swell when it comes to implementing new items.
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Shape the belt? None of us have differently shaped characters, so the shape/template of the belt would be the same for everyone.
This might be good for mods, like there's a new gamerule called anything it's like dm threshold, and if you rip someone's belt off just like any other body part, it DQ's when it touches the ground.
I think belts should just be purchasable like hair and you can make it any color, or upload your own picture, but it'd cost 100k.
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The master belt would be red. End of conversation.
Also, supported, but I think you could have a belt around your head, so its not in the way.
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it should be a certain amount of colors to choose form depending on what belt of course meaning 4th dan and up
Well the notches would just show up on the ends of the belt. Don't forget that they droop down to around mid-thigh. It would be easy to have up to 10 fit on.

The only thing would be if they react like hair, fall off, or just hang around.

God belt would shine.
Master Belt - white and red
Custom Belt - make a texture yourself

+1 on this.
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Ok to kind of sum it up:
Location of belt:Head
Belt colour: (my opinion)
God belt -shiny
Master belt-Bloody
Custom belt-Make a texture(no texture=checkered)
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