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Belts (Wearable items)
So, as you know, the Karate belt system, for most of the belts anyways, is implemented into the game such as, White belt, Yellow belt, Orange belt, ect. The interesting thing that came into my mind, is why are our Toris' themselves not wearing the belt prescribed to them? It would be amazingly cool, excuse my lack of words to use for that, to have belts in-game, that go around your Toris' waist. For example, you are able to have a white belt, as default, when you create your Tori, you are able to deactivate and reactivate it on the forums and such, and once you become, say the next belt, the White belt is no longer wearable, and orange belt is purchaseable in the shop, market. When you reach custom belt, aka, 20k QI, you could be able to edit the belt as you please, designs, colors, ect. Prices on such items, I cannot currently provide, considering I'm not swell when it comes to implementing new items.
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If an /opt belt 0 command is provided, I'm supporting this.
But this game will never look the same anymore.
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They already have started making the to my knowledge

It just doesn't look good enough yet.
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Originally Posted by Item Forgers News>FAQ
Q: Why haven't you released wearable belts.
A: It's possible to do, it's just the fact that they don't look good in game... yet.

This is apparently being worked on, so there's really no reason for discussing it further.
If someone has something important to say and want the thread to be reopened, tell me in a PM.
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Wear your color belt? :D

Like when i saw the new daiymo hat thing you can wear. It has a scarf. So that gave me this idea. It would be cool if you could purchase a belt. (like having to do with which belt you are.) The higher the belt the higher the price. and it would look like a smaller version sort of like the scarf. So i think thats an interesting idea. Like you buy it with TC. And when you reach custom belt you can buy one (if you have the TC) and customize the color. so yea.

and the masterbelt could be Gold colored!!
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Wow. I personally love this idea as people can easily differenciate between each belts.
Shoot me a PM if you have any queries!
[Item] Belt
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this idea but what if we were have an actual belt item. You can buy it in the shop. The belt would correspond with your current belt. In the case of black belts it would stay the same but have gold stripes to show what #Dan you are.

Custom belts will have the ability to buy a texture for it and create their own belt textures.
What are your thoughts on it?