What have you guys been up to? in the past 6 months I've been learning the Ukulele and Hawaiian (language). I've also been playing a lot of VRChat. Made a lot of new friends there.
Oh i love playing the ukulele. i have revisited skyrim, like i do every year
Also isn't VRChat brutally weird?
evil Führer of Evil

Absolutely nothing new for me. just been working and working and working and sometimes coming home.

[Evil] is recruiting!

<DesiTwist> terty plays tb with the ghost turned off, uke turned off and uses that mouse with the ball in it
VRChat can be horrifyingly bad at times but I've met a lot of really amazing and friendly people. So it's a mix bag of horrible and great.
The best kind of mix.
Also when you play ukulele do zou prefer playing songs that exist or coming up with your own?
evil Führer of Evil