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1. So the idea here is to make posts to be showed up after they are posted in a thread and if there is anyone in the same page that it have been posted then it will automatically be showed up after the last post.
2. Or maybe what about making pages reload automatically instead?
It would make chat threads more like a chat. Almost a real-time chat if you do the first ideia. Would bring some activity to the forum also.

Maybe too complex?idk. But i would give a try if it was me.

Ok thank you for reading, have a nice day :]
Would be interesting, but afaik impossible in vb, let alone vb3.8.
My site has something a bit like what you're saying, it syncs all the connected clients and you can see other people typing in real time.

But yeah, that's written in Go, where as these forums use php. I'm sure there could be improvements made to the notifications using AJAX though.

In anycase, the overhead for this would kill tb's bandwidth! Would be easier to add @User mentions.
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It's definitely possible with php, I swear I saw a very similar project on vB 3.x somewhere before (I'll post it here if I find it).

However, as you mentioned, it would probably require way more bandwidth to support such feature.
I think I found it:

It might not be compatible with newer browsers but it's definitely a proof of possibility.
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@tuna oh thats cool, but isn't what i meant
@smaguris yes! exactly that, thanks

video to better understanding

and if it's not possible to make this to the entire forum because bandwidth then you could just add this as clan customization in the Perk shop
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