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[Scam Idea]Middle Man for Trading/Selling/Buying TC
So heard people are getting scammed from buying tc.
Since some mods are online alot, why not make a middle man.
Okay since admins/mods can access to accounts if needed.
TC will be sent first.
How we are going to do it:
We got a: [S]eller [B]uyer [M]iddle Man
[S]eller: TC [B]uyer: $$
Since TC can be transferred back or something so yeah.
[S] sells [B] tc for $$
[M] will negotiate for [S] & [B]
[S] will have to send tc first since [M] would have to be a mod/admin that can access accounts and ban for scamming.
Once [S] has sent TC,[M] has to check, and once [M] confirms it has been sent.
[S] will have to send the money. If fails to do so, ip ban for trying to scam.
If [S] sent money, then it works. Deals done.
But there's a problem. What if [B] lies that [S] didn't send?
Needs to take a Screen Shot of the transaction to confirm.
If it takes about 15-20 mins or more. Than there's something wrong.
Another Idea is that [S] sends money to [M].
Once [B] has sent money to [S]. The [M] can send TC to [B] once it is confirmed that [B] has given the money.
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Originally Posted by ViperTech View Post
There are reasons why I came up with the no-support rule, specially with an eye at the scams over the last time.
I.E. if you pay with USD but seller don't sent tc/move tc/duel with that tc or whatsoever it ends up with generating new tc in case that seller tc is gone by duels etc. (tbh we cannot strip that from other users if they won it at a legal duel from their side of view)

The same could be said for item or artwork sales, the user takes the TC and loses it in bets/duels and I can't see you prohibiting that. This was always a concern but never a real problem, with my work in the scam board probably less than 10% of the scams needed TC to be generated to compensate another user. Plus it was always made up by stripping the offending user's account of items for other purposes, such as GM prizes.

Getting proof of external real money transactions is also not always that easy. With i.E. webmoney terminal and similar you don't have always hard proof to show up (unless you take a pic with mobile of it )

Enforce this as a requirement for support. I.e. the user has the responsibility to keep a log of proof or forfeit the staff's support.

Anyway, you are still able to buy money from the shop (also never forget that u support the game with it!) beside lots of other options to make tc (boosters, tourneys, marketing, art etc.), so even beginners are able to collect tc w/o buying them externally.

None of these ways are practical when you compare the current price of items to the Nabi TC prices or amount of time taken to make the TC through tourneys and other means.

Take a look at other games which have some kind of transferable ingame currencies. Most of that companies don't support external sales or completly disallow it with strict rules and a complete ban if you get catched.

Pretty poor reasoning, we'll do it because other companies do it. I'm sure they have their motivation to stop the third party sales which is primarily more revenue for them. However no one is going to be motivated to buy TC from Nabi until either the price is dropped or the price of items drops significantly. Since neither will happen the Market is going to slowly stagnate because of this.
Hi Fee,

As usual I appreciate seeing your opinion on these sorts of things. I'd intended to discuss these sorts of issues more before instating the rule change, but for various reasons which I won't go into here, that ended up being poorly coordinated and an announcement was made prematurely. As such the specifics of the policy change may still change.

The primary reason for the rule change, which I'm sure you can understand, is the fact that we really have no ability to 'force' PayPal or any of the numerous other external payment methods to do refunds or that sort of thing. As has been mentioned, we often run into messy situations where refunds are difficult to impossible because the TC has been spread around so much that recovering all of it is a challenge, to say the least. There have also been some messy cases recently where people have purchased TC from shady sources (i.e. the TC was farmed/hacked/otherwise illegitimate) and we were forced to remove it, much to the buyer's chagrin. As such, the policy change is intended both to relieve us of a responsibility that we sometimes have no way of fulfilling and to teach users to be wary of who they're purchasing from.

I had originally intended to treat external sale scams in a similar fashion to non-/duel scams - that is to say, the scammer would receive a rather hefty ban and the stolen TC (at least, the maximum recoverable amount) would likely be sunk, not refunded. As is obvious, however, it's going to be a bit messy in most any situation and I appreciate your input on the policy change.

I'll ask that we move the discussion of the specifics of the new policy to the MSquad Policy Discussion thread. As to the original "middle man" suggestion, it seems rather unrealistic to me, expecting a staff member (A high-ranking one, based on the suggestion) to officiate every single TC sale.

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What to do then when client is badtrusted ?
I've got scammed for 512.000 TC by Kitty, i had toricredits i belief him and he just didn't send the $50.00 USD that is. Client wants to trust the seller but let's recognize that toricredits is more easy to return that real USD from real life or paypal so i advice this kind of system and refund the players that were scammed.Btw if the player is banned for ever why he needs toricredits on his account ? can you explain why if he doesn't have acces to them he's kinda killed he can't do nothing but this are our toricredits not him so he just keep them there but it could be more easy just to transfer them back to us by TSA.

As has been mentioned, we often run into messy situations where refunds are difficult to impossible because the TC has been spread around so much that recovering all of it is a challenge, to say the least.

there are moments for example like my case when toricredits are on the scammer's account why not to refund then ? I suggest refund only of toricredits but not of paypal etc.Toricredits should be sent first because there is a possibility of refund.
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