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I think that Toribash could benefit from a bank system in which there would be new ideas and concepts put in effect that could also change the marketing system altogether. I have a few different ideas so I'm just going to list them here.


I believe that a bank system could be implemented, and I have a couple of ideas regarding this:

-An expensive, but purchasable account converter, one that will change your account to a "bank" account, thus adding an interest rate of x percent, added to the account daily/weekly/monthly (determinable by higher-ups) Users could also purchase a separate converter to revert back to a normal, player account.

-Yes, this may lead to accounts with massive amounts of TC, but to combat this, you could always put into effect, a tax on items in the market as well as the shop. This would take a percentage of the item's cost, and add a percentage(tax) that would be sent to the Bookie/Tourneybank/etc.

-If we really wanted to add in some more lifelike features, we might consider setting up a welfare system from which the richest players would pay a certain percentage in "bills" to help kickstart poor, ACTIVE players.(ehhhhh)

-Market System-

As far as the taxing goes, you could change the entire market by simply increasing and decreasing the percentage you are taxing month to month. This would add variation to the market and make some months a great time to buy that item you've always wanted and some months a little more difficult to acquire said item. But if people really want that item, they will pay even with the tax at it's highest rate. You could also tax duels and betting as well. The list is endless as far as taxing goes, just take a look at America.

On a side note:
Another suggestion I have regarding the market is to let the users with markets make their own market page, completely customizable. Have them pay for the color of the backgrounds, the color of the buttons on the page, etc.. But only allow the sale of these customizable items through the shop.

That's seems to be all I have on my mind at the moment, if I think up some more, they'll be added in.

Thanks for your time,

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A banking system existed before, it was removed, probably for a reason.
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eh, I do not support this. I personally enjoy earning tc, rather than getting it in a cheap manner. and im sure that people will find a way to abuse an interest system.