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[R] Paying up to 1000k (Minimum Request Suggestion)
Misleading title to illustrate a point.

So we have this rule:
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D) You must pay at least the originally quoted price to the winning artist(s).

At the same time, a lot of requests are wording their reward as the title above. Meaning that the requester can effectively pay anywhere from zero to the advertised price for a request (Up to 50k implies anywhere from zero to 50k). Obviously an artist doesn't want to work for free. And price discussion is something that typically happens after a work is done (In Toribash at least). So that leaves the artist in an awkward position of having to lobby for their price after they've already put in hours of work to finish it.

So here's what I suggest to fix this problem. Either request makers are required to advertise a minimum payment (If it's different from the maximum payment) OR request makers who use the phase "Up to XX TC/USD" are required to pay at least 80% of the "Up to" price.

The first part is actually the current rule set more or less. The only real change needed is adding a clause for the use of "Up to" whatever. This is clearly a suggestion in favor of the artists working on requests. But, I think this change would make for a healthier environment overall for both the requester and the artist.

Irregardless though, the rule above is getting loophole'd pretty hard by today's request board jargon. I don't think whoever made the market rules wanted this to happen.
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Yeah they can, but then the guy who's requesting will just walk away, leaving the artist with a useless piece of art whom no one likes, so yeah just wasted time and effort ^_^"

He means that artists can decline the offer before they make it if the offer is bad etc, artists only make their art as good as the pay is to be honest
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Erm so this rule can't really be implied unless maybe you speak to a Market Squad member, plus if he pays 80% to someone who's making it, what if he doesn't like that artists work?

Talked to a few Market Squad. Apparently the use of "Up to" is a concern, but there wasn't enough interest in the topic so that discussion just died out. Thus why I'm trying to garner interest here (Make the decision easier to make and whatnot).

If a request maker doesn't like an artists work, then he/she won't accept the work in the first place. What I think you wanted to ask is: "What if I like a work, but I don't think it's worth 80% of XX TC/USD?" The whole idea of this suggestion is: if you don't advertise a minimum price less than 80% of XX TC/USD, then you have to pay at least 80% of XX TC/USD. But, look at it this way, with this rule in place when you make a request with the "Up to" phrase you KNOW you will have to pay at least 80% of that "Up to" price. So if you think you might want to pay less than 80% of your maximum price, then you'll set up a minimum reward and the artist will know that at the very least they'll be paid the minimum reward.

If you want to have a large amount like "Up to 300k" as your sole advertised price and be free to barter for anywhere from 0% to 100% of that price, then this rule is all about killing that freedom. Now that isn't to say you can't barter anymore. It's just that now if you intend to barter for a large amount you have to illustrate that intention with a minimum reward (As apposed to the current, "Up to 300k" = anywhere from 0 to 300k, what is an artist supposed to extract about their possible payment from that?).

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Also what if many artists are working on a set for him, what will happen then?

Same thing as before. This rule doesn't change how multiple artists can work on a single request.
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Requesting Art
A) Do not use other peoples art work to demonstrate what you want, this encourages plagiarism.

B) Try to explain what you want is as much detail as you can, in both post and thread title, and always include what your budget is.

C) Descriptions:
.....I) Describe what colours you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.
.....II) Avoid words like 'cool' or 'detailed', as they don't tell the artist anything.
.....III) Works like 'rough' and 'smooth' are useful.
.....IV) Styles like 'vector' or 'painted' help a lot as well.

D) You must pay at least the originally quoted price to the winning artist(s).

I direct your attention to point "D"

That clause seems to cover it. I know that's how it was enforced in the past at least.
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Gum I quoted that rule in the first post lol. It doesn't cover it. Using "Up to" is a working loophole to point D.
This kind of situation was the whole reason that clause was put in the market rules.
Read the Market Rules
In #Support: [19:53] <@firebolty> StileCheat: Did you try this?: would you lick onima's pussy clean for 10,000 dollars

This is a great suggestion, this is what kept me from doing requests n such. I don't blow time on something when the payment isn't solid.