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Change the torishop preview replay/upgrade the rest of the torishop
Now, this is something that has been bugging me for a while, and I'm sure it's bugged some other people, too.

While the torishop preview replay does a decent job of showing what individual items are, it doesn't do such a good job at showcasing what your tori really would look like with the items you have selected. It's very asymmetrical and messy, and has a pretty pointless torso split that is known to cause some issues.

cap from mira's tech support thread

It would be nice to be able to preview the tori in a more "regular" stance, perhaps with broken wrists or something similarly small to showcase blood.
[can't add images right now, will do soon.]

Or, maybe, something similar to the current flame previewing section of the torishop could be added in, with the ability to easily pause the replay to preview ghosts, grips, and other items. This would make the whole thing a lot more fun to play around with, as well as making it more intuitive and giving a more accurate representation of what a tori looks like with the items you want equipped.

Any ideas for this?