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Virus Flame
This post is intended for flames in general, I will show you how to make revolutionary techniques in the forge and I will show you incredible flames. I'm slowly completing the post.

adding this beautiful giant heart flame on the horizon with special effects, it gives a life feeling to the heart

this flame I'm calling projection on the horizon

working on a kind of super golden

Small update, posted a tutorial on orbits

For best experience, player on music.

A beautiful flame, still in testing and production, but a new face for the game =)

lightning flame

Snake Flame (UP)

Midnight Skeleton Wings (UP)


Estelion Flames QUADS

Exo Hand Flames QUADS and Version No QUADS

Art Heads Flames QUADS and Version No QUADS

Art Others QUADS and Version No QUADS

Wings QUADS and Version No QUADS

Tempest Arts - No QUADS

Incredible Flames

like transporting flame out of the body or making more than one flame into a single flame.

Here we will have to use and abuse the flame textures.
By making mini dots on the textures and separating them, the game identifies and divides it into a single flame and two dots or how many dots it has.
Then you have to increase the flames to the maximum to make the mini points turn into flames.

Example: Double Flame

Example: 5x a flame

Working a little with orbita

soon I will teach how to make the snake flame

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Passing by to remind you that I still make flames to order, although it will probably take me a while to make the flame