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It Begins!

Firstly, let me, and the ES Team welcome you to the Clan League.

I will be the main host for this event.
But ES will have most of the details via the Event Squad board so they'll be able to answer any basic questions, but just direct all complaints or super difficult situations to me directly.

Reminder :: This is the Sign Up Thread. Not the actual Event thread with the KO bracket.

To start with, let me just explain how I'd like you to enter in your list of competitors, which you might recognize from last year.

•Your clan must have at least a legitimate yellow ranking or above from the most recent activity check. (Unofficial clans will be checked upon signing up. So as long as the other requirements are met you're free to enter.)

•Your clan must be at 3 months or older prior to this event. (We'll round up as needed, so 2 and a half still counts.)

•Your roster must include at least 6 different members. (There is no maximum restriction)

•There is a 25,000 TC sign up fee which must be sent to Icky.

Application Form:
Clan Name:
Clan Tag:

Final Notes:

Much like last year, if your post does not meet the requirements stated above, it will be ignored and your clan will not be entered. A refund will not be issued in the event your clan fails to meet any requirements. You are still allowed to reapply once your clan meets the requirements.

Keep in mind that once sign ups end, ANY changes to your clan's roster WILL result in disqualification (unless made with my permission).

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Sign Ups End on the 18th July
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sign up details aside, remember that this is a randomized seeding for the KO matches. So there will be less time between sign ups closing and the first round.

Hope that's all clear.

P.S. Good morning. Sorry, bit late.
Had personal life stuff and then got hit with a 'rona scare so I've been a tad unavailable.
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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
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This Clan League will not be fought inside dojos and boxes. But in a checkerboard abyss with guns. We're transitioning over to TBN for 2021. Smart move.
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